VAYA — wedding ceremony for the planet

VAYA — wedding ceremony for the planet

People listen to different types of music. From an early childhood I got used to the fact that almost nobody else around me listened to the music that I liked. Moreover, no one even knew about it. But then I realized that it’s even better this way. Everyone can not be a millionaire. Everyone can not be the same. Everyone listens to a different type of music.

Music, like any other kind of art, is a way of transferring a kind of divine creative energy to other people. At least this is the way I understand it. The music that paved the way to Earth in the most straightforward sense was folk music, traditional music. It is the music that contains that divine energy in maximum concentration. Anything created after is based on those first notes that have been passed along for centuries and survived up to our times. Modern music rarely stays with us for more than a few months, unlike the hundreds of years mentioned! It’s hard to imagine!

However, the “purest” tradition sounds somewhat strange for a modern person — as if it sounds on an outdated and therefore forgotten language. And then there is the “interpreter” — a musical genre called “world music” or “electro-ethno-ambient”. Modern musical engineering allows ethnic traditions to sound in a “language” understandable to the modern person, without losing their beauty and energy.


This track was created by the musical group OYME and is based on a traditional wedding song of the Erzya. And this has a deep meaning behind, as the wedding itself is a special ritual in the Erzya culture — ritual of initiation and transition from one state to another.

The transition is a moment of change when the doors to another world open. At this time, the Bride becomes especially vulnerable, so she needs a special magical protection. This protection is provided by special people who have the ability to influence the world around them. These people use traditional songs, spells, rituals dedicated to such special events and used to fulfil their special role.

For the Bride the wedding is a moment of breaking ties with her family and creating new ties with the family of her husband. Our ancestors were more sensitive to important spiritual events such as these and paid special attention to them. In addition, they treated humans and the world around as a single whole. That is why interaction with the environment and nature using rituals, songs and spells seemed to be a common thing. Moreover, the attitude towards the world around was leaning to cherish it, as people understood that they were a part of it.

And then, at some point in time a human decided that he is the master of the world…

And here we are, in our modern world — with all our factories, plants, tall pipes blowing clouds of caustic smoke into the sky, with polluted rivers, poisoned earth and air… This is the Apocalypse into which mankind has brought itself. And now there is only one last chance left. To conduct a wedding ceremony and take advantage of this magical moment of transition, to sing a song-spell, so that the future will change, so that time will turn around.

The Bride enters the water, which is considered a symbol of life and renewal. For the Bride one life ends and another begins. This is a ritualistic death, followed by rebirth. Is it possible that our planet will have the same future?..

There are representatives of different races and nationalities surrounding the Bride, and this is not random. We all belong to this world, regardless of nationality, race, religious or political views, and other useless labels. And the same responsibility lies on all of us for the future of the planet that we live on. And only together we can make this future bright and clean.


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